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Welcome to the Tobacco Institute Document Site

Documents Loaded on Tuesday, October 05, 2010

This website is designed to provide the public with access to documents produced by The Tobacco Institute in Attorney General reimbursement lawsuits and certain other specified civil actions, and to documents produced after October 23, 1998 through June 30, 2010 in smoking and health actions, and includes certain enhancements, all as provided for by paragraph IV of the Attorneys General Master Settlement Agreement (MSA).

The enhancements include an expanded index to documents on the Tobacco Institute's website, with up to twenty-two searchable fields of information, and enhanced viewing and navigational tools, including full image zoom and rotate functions, a larger viewable area for documents, and a return button to allow efficient preview of documents, and return to search results. Extensive help instructions have also been provided which further describe these enhancements.

This Website is intended for informational, educational, and non-commercial use only.

This Website includes the following information: (1) the specific provisions of the MSA concerning the posting of documents on this Website; (2) a description of documents on this Website; (3) extensive instructions on how to use this Website; and (4) a link to the Tobacco Industry websites.

Additionally, the website includes a copy of Tobacco Institute privilege logs provided to the Attorney General of New York in connection with copies of documents provided (per MSA Exh. G (c)) to the State of New York.

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  • To search the Index to documents, simply type in your search term(s) in the box set out above, and click on the "Search" button. You can perform simple searches - link to about page simple searches section by using the basic operators "+" and "-" which indicate words or phrases that are required or omitted in the search results. You may also perform advanced searches - link to the about page advanced searches by using Boolean logic operators AND, OR, NOT and NEAR.

  • The documents are indexed by up to twenty-two fields, which are fully described on the Index Page. For information regarding the documents requests some of these documents were responsive to, please review the Plaintiffs' Requests for Production of Documents.

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Search results are displayed by default in GIF image format to provide an efficient means of previewing documents on-line, without the need for an image viewer. For optimal viewing and/or printing, please select the red "GO TO PDF VERSION" button when viewing an image. This function will require you to use the free Adobe Acrobat® Reader 3.0 or better. If you need a copy of the current version of the Adobe Acrobat® Reader please click the Adobe image below:

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